Cold Work Steel 2379

Main Characteristic

2379 is a tool steel in the group of Cold work. Thanks to its unique properties
of chemical content with high carbon and chromium, it can stand for high
abrasive resistance. It categorized in the 12% lediburite steel
Also, it was added with molybdinum to enhance its function for strength and durability
after heat treatmentMoreover , with Vanadium upto 1%, this can assure you to maintain
its cutting edge and stand last longer for its long life tooling Besides, 2379 also posses
it's properties for annealing in high temperature which out perform the others 12% lediburite
of its class

So, this is good for nitriding and well known for Blanking pressing , cold forming, roller,
cutting tool and others application that require high abrasive as well as plastic mold like
fiber glass that need abrsive resistance properties.

OutStanding Properties

OutStanding Properties
Heat treatment in depth on its materials
Annealing with soft resistance properties when facing high temperature


Blanking Mold
bending mold
Cutting tool&knife

1.2379 / X155CrVMo12-1
อบอ่อน ความแข็งสูงสุด 250 HB
ชุบแข็งและอบคืนตัว 58-62 HRC
Chemical Composition
ส่วนผสมทาง เคมี (%wt.)
สภาพจําหน่าย Selling Condition
สภาพหลังชุบ After Quenching
C Cr Mo V    
1.55 12 0.7 1    
2379 คุณสมบัติทั่วไป (General Characteristic)