Cold Work Steel 2990

2990 is a very good alternative to 2379 material. This grade features a very good and homogeneous
microstructure compared to other ledeburitic steel grades like 2379.
With a hardness around 60 HRc you will meet the best working hardness for this steel grade.
The heat treatment of 2990 is comparable to the heat treatment of 2379!
But we will recognize that the toughness and also adhesive wear resistance are better than 2379 properties.
The abrasive wear resistance of 2379 is slightly better, but this will not be derogatory for the applications.
The lowest hardening temperature for this steel grade normally is 1030°C,
but normally prefer a slightly higher temperature to solve a higher amount of carbides.
At 1080°C 2990 can be solved most of the primary carbides, but also the grain growth is derogatory
at highest temperatures.
For this reason normally a hardening temperature of 1050- 1060°C can be used for 2990.