Copper Alloy EL-X, EL-Ha

Copper Alloy EL-X, EL-Ha are in the class of copper than posses high heat
and electricity transmission properties Also, its hardness is outstanding from
the alloy which was added to make precipitation hardening feasible while it can
maintain heat and electricity transmission properties. Hence, it is suitable for
application which needs both heat / electricity transmission properties together
with strength and wear resistance.

Significant Characteristics

High thermal conductivity
High electrical conductivity
High strength and hardness
High red hardness
Heat-treated ability
Cold workability
Corrosion resistance
Unable to do nitriding or hardening
Copper Alloy EL-X

EL-X is a special grade of copper which comprises of Chromium and Sirconium.
Selling condition is in harden/temper. Provide you with good quality in both hardness
and electricity transmission properties. Suitable for electrode, spot welding,
projecting welding , butt welding and grey cast iron
Spot welding will suit to carbon steel spot welding
Galvanize bronze, bronze , nickle and aluminium.
Besides this also suitable for any other application as follows.


Electrode for spot welding 
Electrode for projection welding
Electrode for butt welding
Electrode for EDM 
Contact tips for MIG/MAG
Electronics parts which require high electricity transmission properties.
Contact switch and circuit breaker
Ingot injection mold (gravity die casting) for brass and copper
Seal , insert for mold
Parts and heat exchanger for plastic extrusion mold
Top crusts in centrifuge mold in casting process
Copper Alloy EL-HA

El-Ha is a special grade of copper which contains alloy of Barilleium, cobalt,
and nickle which make it best properties to stand for heat resistance,
high strength and can stand long for temperature. This result in good match
for application which require hardness with strength as well as heat transition


Electrode and cap tips for spotless stainless welding
Plunger tips for aluminium injection
Plastic mold such as blow or injection mold
Copper or brass casting mold
Cooling insert
Nozzles and Needles for Hot runner Systems
EDM (Electro erosion electrode)
Contact tips for welding MIG/MAG
Sealing Tools