High Speed Steel 3343

Main Characteristic

3343 classify in the class of high speed steel. It can apply to various application such as cutting,
milling and mold Since it contains complex of element with balance which lead to carbide structure
with high strength when do quenching and tempering at high temeperature
This result in high quality steel in aspect of hardness, strength and abrasive resistance.
Also it can maintain cutting edge at high temp. And that mean long life tooling and durability of tool
and die when compare to other cold work tool steel
Besides, it is cheap when compare to other tool steel in the same class grade of high speed.

OutStanding Properties

•  Wear and abrasive resistance
   Can maintain cutting edge until 600c
   Easy to harden and can do vacuum hardening
   Provide high hardness after hardening (64-66 HRC)
   Resistance to annealing at high temperature
   High tensile as compare to AISID2
   High performance in cutting application. Can be applied to cut any kind of materials.
   High resistance to carbon losing at its surface
   Welding abiity
   Ablity to do hard surface by nitriding
   Ability to coating surface with PVD method.


3343 has been widely accepted in any kind of high speed application, cutting, milling, etc.
For example ,
      Deep drawing mold
      Plastic mold with high abrasive task

C Cr Mo V W
0.9 4.1 5 1.9 6.4  
Chemical Composition
ส่วนผสมทาง เคมี (%wt.)
สภาพจําหน่าย Selling Condition
สภาพหลังชุบ After Quenching
M 2
1.3343 / HS 6-5-2
อบอ่อน ความแข็งไม่เกิน 300 HB
ชุบแข็งและอบคืนตัว 62-66 HRC
3343 คุณสมบัติทั่วไป (General Characteristic)