Machinery Steels : 6582

Main Characteristic

6582 is a low alloy steel which comprises of Nickle , Chromium and molybdinum.
All help enhance high strength and qunching ability Result from quenching is 54-59 HRC
and can applied in high temperature task due to its properties of temper embrittlement.
Grade 6582 sell in the condition of qunched and tempered. It suits and convenient for
further hardening uch as induction. Besides it can also do nitriding or nitro carburizeing
which will be better for resistance to wear and abrasive. Caution in application of 6582 I when
tempering up to 1400 Mpa , steel might be brittle due to hydrogen embrittlement.
So, it require hydrogen degassing for further pickling or plating. Tempering at hardness in the
range of 1500-1950 Mpa, will be at risk of crack due to tension and stress corrosion cracking.

OutStanding Properties

   High toughness
   Resistance to fatigue
   Resistance to abrasive
   High forgability
   High Strength
   High ductility, bending is possible
   Machining ability is at mderate
   Not good for welding.
   Easy to quench and can do re quenching.
   Quenching up to 54-59 HRC
   Resistance to temper embrittlement
   Good for induction
   Can do Nitriding , surface hardness can reach to 650 HV


6582 is widely accepted to produce machinery part which require high strength or continuous
stress in an unstable condition. Especially power transmissin part like powertrain, crankshaft,
piston shaft, big size gear, worm gear, drive gear, bolt , strut , screw, Jig fixture
Also, aerospace structural part and landing gear.

1.6582 / 34CrNiMo6
ชุบแข็งและอบคืนตัว 28-33 HRC
ผิวแข็ง 55-58 HRC
Chemical Composition
ส่วนผสมทาง เคมี (%wt.)
สภาพจําหน่าย Selling Condition
สภาพหลังชุบ After Quenching
C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo
0.30-0.38 0.10-0.40 0.50-0.80 1.30-1.70 1.30-1.70 0.15-0.30
6582 คุณสมบัติทั่วไป (General Characteristic)