Powder Metallurgical High Speed Tool Steel : TSP4

Main Characteristic

TSP4 is in the class of high speed steel which has chemical composition equivalent to the DIN1.3395 (HS6-5-4).
Produced under powder metal technique by mixed up the high speed metal powder of each chemical content
in order to achieve purity as well as homogeneous distribution of carbide throughout every area of the steel.
The metal will have small and consistent grain size without carbide slate at the edge of grain which will easily
cause fracture. Consequently, the steel through this technique give us the strength, abrasive resistance at its
higest level. Mechanical properties are all at its best. Much higher than cold work tool steel which has higher
level of carbon and chromium or other general high speed tool steel So, we can exploit the said properties in
cutting tool , cold forming tool with highest performance and durability.

OutStanding Properties

Homogeneity of chemical composition throughout the whole structure.
Purity with clean and free of contamination
Small grain carbide with equal distribution throughout the whole structure.
Mechanical properties come with isotropy
Toughness is higher than other regular tool steel or even high speed tool steel which produced by sintering
Can do milling , finishing or grinding at its best. Thanks to small , well distribute and delicate grain size in its structure which make it easy to machining than the others.
Can maintain hardness until red hot temperature (approxmately 600c)
Maximum resistance to wear and tear
Nitriding and water tempering is possible.
Can do surface hardening by PVD and CVD.


TSP4 posses good properties in various aspect. Strenghth, Toughness, Wear resistance
These all make it best for cutting, cold working tool with its higher performance when compare to other
tool steel till high speed grade DIN1.3343

C Cr Mo V W
1.3 4.5 4.75 4.1 5.4
Chemical Composition
ส่วนผสมทาง เคมี (%wt.)
สภาพจําหน่าย Selling Condition
สภาพหลังชุบ After Quenching
M4 (PM)
1.3395 / HS 6-5-4
อบอ่อน ความแข็งสูงสุดไม่เกิน 270 HB
ชุบแข็งและอบคืนตัว 64-66 HRC
TSP4 คุณสมบัติทั่วไป (General Characteristic)